The jewellery is produced exclusively in Pforzheim, Germany’s gold city. The basic material in most of our pieces is 925 Sterling Silver. Due to our manufacturing process some jewellery pieces are based on Brass or Stainless steel. Every gold plated piece has a high quality 18ct. gold plating as well as coatings of Rhodium or black Rhodium.

We love individuality, therefore you could often choose between Silver (white ground material) or Brass (yellow ground material). Of course, Silver is a little bit more exclusive but we suggest to take Brass as ground material for our 18 ct. Gold plating and Silver as ground material for Rhodium or black Rhodium. In a huge range of  products you have the choice between matte and polished surfaces.

Please ask us! We also produce our jewellery pieces as fine line in Gold or Platin.


The surface treatment of your jewellery piece will change over time through contact with clothing, air, sweat, cosmetics, hard edges, chemical detergents and similar. Especially our dark and matte surfaces are affected by these changes. Your jewellery will look more relief like and more structured. This is, however, a desired side-effect and not a defect. Especially rings and bracelets that are exposed to heavy abrasion will show changes in the surface structure.

To protect your jewellery from scratches and damage, please keep it in the original packaging or in a velvet bag. Clean your jewellery pieces with a microfibre cloth only, not with chemicals. Pieces of our collections that have printed patterns should be handled with special care. The jewellery should not be worn in pools, saunas, during sports or in the shower.

In case you have questions or returns you can always write to


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