The Designer

The Story behind Jasmina Jovy

Jasmina Jovy Jewelry – this label stands for simple elegance and precise craftsmanship. The handmade genuine jewelry from the German designer speaks a clear design language. Graphic patterns and a minimalistic design underline the personality of its wearer. Every one of the so far four collections plays with different materials and tells its own story. The creations are manufactured from silver, gold and stainless steel. By now many of the jewelry pieces are unisex, through which the label became more and more appealing to men as well. Jasmina has been repeatedly awarded and her work can be found regularly in fashion magazines and professional journals.

“My collections are modern –
yet timeless.”

About the Designer, Jasmina Jovy

Influenced by working in her mothers goldsmith workshop and a fascination for artistic craftsmanship, Jasmina developed a passion for individual Design early on. Throughout her graphic design studies, with a high fashion affinity, she discovered the potential of connecting graphic and jewelry design. This led her to complete a technical apprenticeship in Design, Jewelry and Devices in Pforzheim.

Following her apprenticeship Jasmina completely devoted herself to her passion and started her studies in the field of jewelry design at the University for Design in Pforzheim and ultimately realized her dream of founding her own label in Germany’s “Goldstadt”. Since 2013 new jewelry collections are developed and handmade by her team in Jasmina’s studio and adjoining Showroom.


3rd Place, “Innovation“, Jewellery Award, Schmuckmagazin (2016)
Excellent product, “FORM 2015“, Tendence, Frankfurt (2015)
Certificate of Ecellence, “Arts & Crafts Design Award“, Croatia (2014)
Finalist, “Newcomer of the Year“, Modepalast, Vienna (2014)
Finalist, “ISSP Förderaward“, Pforzheim (2014)
2nd Place, “Young Designers Corner“, Gemworld, Munich (2013)
Style Proved Signet, “Couch and Schöner Wohnen“, Blickfang St. (2013)
1st Place, “AndersArt, jewellery design Award”, Vienna (2012)